Since July is the month we celebrate Canada’s Birthday, I want to say a big “Thank You” to the Fathers of Confederation for coming together to establish the framework for this great nation of ours. It wasn’t an easy undertaking to bring together the voices such a diverse group of people and get them to ‘paddle the canoe’ in the same direction (so to speak. They persevered and we now have this wonderful country of Canada to call home. How cool is that!

If you think about it, Glen Williams is what new jargon would call, a ‘micro-nation’. Although the village has never been self-governing, the residents of Glen Williams have been working together since 1847 to steward this rural river community and to build a quality of life in which we could thrive and feel safe and secure. Established in 1871, Glen Williams still boasts a citizen run town hall in the heart of the hamlet. Today, our small hamlet is a jewel in the crown of Halton Hills and folks from far and wide boast of the Glen’s special and unique nature. There is a strong spirit of community and a relaxed village pace here that makes this an oasis in the centre of the sprawl of the G.T.A. This gentle environment is part of what draws folks here, not only on Canada Day to celebrate with us but to actually choose to live and grow their families.

The magazine, Neighbours In The Glen, is a wonderful testament to our unique community. Publisher, Steve Parker and Content Coordinator, Kate McGowan pay tribute to Glen Williams in every issue with a collection of local voices contributing to the Glen they love. Glen voices are loyal, dedicated and passionate about all things Glen Williams. They have stories to tell and a shared desire to preserve this distinct community.

Our very own Glen Williams Community Association (G.W.C.A.) represents these voices as well… and if you are not a member of the Association – you should be. The G.W.C.A. is made up of a group of resolute Glen residents, working hard to “stand on guard for thee” (as our national anthem espouses) and keep watch over all things concerning the life and welfare of this hamlet. They are beginning their 2015 membership drive this month, so if they come knocking, make sure you put pen to paper and sign your membership card. If you prefer you can email [email protected] and a registration form will be sent to you. Share your own heart for Glen Williams and join today.

In the days and months ahead, we must remember to add our voices to the chorus of Glen Williams residents that imagined this beautiful post-card village we live in and make certain we honour and work to maintain it. Let’s make our Fathers of Confederation proud!



(Excerpted from Neighbours In The Glen Magazine – Steve Parker, Publisher / [email protected]