My husband, in his teachable moments with the kids would tell them there are three kinds of people; those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. I’ve been thinking about his words lately with my recent involvement in the Glen Williams Community Association (GWCA) and they ring true. There are folks out there who are making things happen all the time. Trouble is that sometimes what they are causing to happen irreparably damages and is hurtful to the greater good. We’re talking Big Ticket hurts here that cannot be undone. Here’s the rub… if these folks who are making things happen to suit their own agenda (and bully for them) go about unbridled and we watch it happen without raising an eyebrow, then we are bound to live with the consequences and left to wonder what happened.

Some present day movers and shakers come in the form of corporations that buy land in what they deem to be fruitful pastures. They set about optimizing their goal of achieving maximum financial profit for their stakeholders and then move on to $greener pastures. This more often than not ends up being at significant cost and impact to the residents already inhabiting adjacent properties to their windfall lands and does not often take into account the delicacies of the communities in which their corporate development is erected. Apologies for the Star Trek reference here but should, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?” Spock and I say, “Absolutely!” Throw in the Utilitarianism ideals of John Stuart Mill and his insights on preserving personal liberties without harming the liberties of others and I’m good to go.

If you haven’t already… it’s time to get your hippie on! Bulldozers are rumbling and revving their engines within the boundaries of our hamlet, set to begin dismantling a significant part of the hillside surrounding Glen Williams. It will be replaced with a manufactured set of concrete retaining walls in order to create more land for building upon. This will mean the loss of identified significant woodlands, the destruction of sensitive environments for identified at risk species and the threat to the unique and historical character of our hamlet. Is anyone thinking of Joni Mitchell right now? Paving Paradise – ludicrous! How could that even happen? It can happen if we don’t get involved in shaping the conversations taking place right now about this green valley.

It’s time for you and I and all the rest to be the people that make things happen. I believe we can change this outcome by insisting the Town of Halton Hills maintain its namesake and not allow the Glen to succumb to the building of artificial landscapes for future generations. We must call for low impact development that is in keeping with the stewardship of thoughtful urban growth.

Get informed. Get involved. Join the GWCA.



(Excerpted from Neighbours In The Glen Magazine – Steve Parker, Publisher / [email protected]