Glen Williams Mature Neighbourhoods Study

Three GWCA Board members have volunteered to join the Glen Williams Mature Neighbourhood Study Steering Committee.

The purpose of the study is to:

  1. define and establish boundaries for the mature neighbourhoods of Glen Williams;
  2. identify and evaluate the unique qualities and characteristics of the defined mature neighbourhoods and key issues regarding large-scale residential rebuilds that are of concern to the residents of Glen Williams;
  3. develop options to maintain and enhance the distinct character of the mature neighbourhoods of Glen Williams;
  4. identify existing and potential threats to the heritage resources within the hamlet of Glen Williams from large-scale residential rebuilds and assess the impact this would have on the character and appearance of the hamlet; and
  5. develop and propose amendments to the Town’s comprehensive Zoning By-law, as necessary, that define and manage large scale residential rebuilds in hamlet’s mature neighbourhoods.

A first meeting of the Steering Committee will be held on March 7th, with a follow up walking tour of the Glen. We look forward to keeping you posted on developments to address public concern about the impact of new large home rebuilds on mature neighbourhoods in the Glen.