IMPORTANT NOTICE: McMaster – Meagan Eden Oak Development

The Ontario Municipal Board Second Pre-Hearing Conference scheduled for Thursday, March 1st this week has been adjourned until further notice.

The Town of Halton Hills & the Applicant Eden Oak Homes in the above noted matter have agreed that the Board Pre-Hearing Conference should be adjourned to a later date in order for Eden Oak to be allowed to have additional time to respond to matters involving the town, the region and other agencies.

Read the letter from Davies Howe sent to the Town on February 26th and explaining this adjournment.

The Glen Williams Community Association continues to have party status in this matter and is participating fully along with interested Glen Williams residents.

The Town held a very well attended Public Information Centre on Wednesday, January 17th where information was gathered from those attending, information was shared about the application and questions were answered. You can access more information on the the town website here.