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The GWCA is active in ensuring that changes that affect our community are in keeping with the Glen Williams Secondary Plan. This plan clearly establishes rules and limits on the ability of any government body or developer to come into our community and destroy the unique character of our hamlet.

Change can be good when it’s properly reasoned and implemented, and in the best interests of Glen Williams. The best way to ensure this is to be part of the process and ensure the desires of the neighbourhood are known and respected.

The GWCA is the recognized voice of our community and we encourage our neighbours to join us by becoming members by completing the form below.

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Our Village, Our Voice

We can anticipate challenging times ahead with decisions pending on proposed Eden Oak subdivisions. Resident Participation makes a difference!

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Life in Glen had evolved over the years, but the pressures impacting our hamlet’s way of life are just as great, if not greater. Add your voice to be heard!

There’s a lot going on in the Glen!

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The survival plans of small towns rely on being able to mobilize large percentages of their citizens.

Morgan Lowrie