Hamlet of Glen Williams Residents Association Inc. (HGWRA)

(Formerly known as The Glen Williams Community Association – GWCA)

Our mission is to maintain and enhance the hamlet character of Glen Williams for its current and future residents by engaging and communicating with the community, governments, and other stakeholders as appropriate.

One of the goals of the Hamlet of Glen Williams Residents Association Inc. is to keep our neighbours informed of community activities and tell the world about the village’s rich heritage and beauty. More importantly, the HGWRA is active in ensuring that changes that affect our community are in keeping with the Glen Williams Secondary Plan. This Plan clearly establishes the intended limitations and style for development in the Glen, and is designed to constrain the ability of any government body or developer to come into our community and destroy the unique character of our hamlet.

Change can be good when it’s properly reasoned and implemented, and in the best interests of Glen Williams. The best way to ensure this is to be part of the process and ensure the desires of the neighbourhood are known and respected.

The HGWRA is a registered not-for-profit corporation and a recognized voice of our community. We encourage our neighbours to join us by becoming members

There is strength in numbers.


Our work over the years has had a positive impact on the hamlet. The final design for the Meadows in the Glen development was altered to include a saved pine plantation, a destination parkette, and low impact rural roads with ditches/bioswales. Canada Post restored “Glen Williams” as a postal address. Wildwood Road was officially declassified from an “arterial” to “collector” road. Glen roads achieved speed reductions and restricted truck signs, and we have promoted the use of the Town’s portable speed radar board in the Glen. The new Pumping Station received additional landscaping for better visual screening. The first of six hamlet gateway/traffic calming features was installed at Prince St. and Barraclough Blvd. Initial improvements in access to Town staff and Council have been established in an attempt to create meaningful relationships with Glen residents.

Get Involved

In 2016 we presented a special information meeting to alert residents about the Eden Oak Creditview Heights subdivision application, and obtained Party status for the GWCA at the OMB hearings related to this application. We encourage all Glen residents to become actively engaged in the OMB Pre-hearings, the public forums for the Town’s Mature Neighbourhoods Character Study and the proceedings related to zoning changes and special applications for the two gravel pits located on the edges of the Glen. To make your voice heard, become a member of the Glen Williams Community Association.

2018 GWCA Board of Directors

Claudia, Russell, Chair

Alex Leger, President

Kate Murray, Secretary

Janet Bailey, Treasurer

Jude Jayalath

Matt Kindbom

Rebecca Moore-Whitsitt

Ken Paige

Derek Remes

Don Robinson

Wayne VanHinte




Our Village, Our Voice

Life in the Glen had evolved over the years, but the current pressures impacting our hamlet’s way of life are just as great, if not greater.

We can anticipate challenging times ahead, make sure your voice is heard!

Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings.
New ideas must use old buildings.

Jane Jacobs

The survival plans of small towns rely on being able to mobilize large percentages of their citizens.

Morgan Lowrie

A town’s capacity to survive generally depends on the talents and efforts of its people.

Bill Reimer