In late June, developer Eden Oak sent a letter to the Town informing them that they would be taking Halton Hills to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) concerning their application to develop 32 homes on the former Devins property – the 17 acres bordered on the south by Wildwood Rd., on the west by 8th Line, on the east by Oak Ridge Dr., and on the north by the Stull farm. This is the second of Eden Oak’s three proposed Glen Williams subdivisions. The OMB Pre-Hearing has been set for Friday November 17 at 10:00 a.m. in the Town’s Council Chambers. Again, the developer’s reason for appeal is the failure of the Town to decide on their application within the statutory timeframe.

Around Thanksgiving, area neighbours began receiving letters from Davies Howe, the legal firm used by Eden Oak, informing them of the Nov. Pre-hearing date. The lawyer’s letter named the Devins lands as 12171 Eighth Line. The Town has now established an information webpage for this development application under the name Eden Oak McMaster-Meagan. So just to clarify, it is the same piece of land with 3 different names! The Town’s webpage contains information and responses relating to the original 2009 application.

Also included is a Sept. 2017 submission – an updated Functional Services Report – proposing that the development’s sanitary sewer servicing follow Wildwood Road down the hill to the Pumping Station in the Glen Ballpark, instead of following the Rail Trail; drinking water would be in a looped line joining Oak Ridge to the 8th Line; stormwater (SW) would be directed to an elevated SW Management Pond in the 8th Line/Wildwood Road corner of the Devins property.